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Completed 2021
-Intersect- is a playscape that invites visitors to engage with the city as a theatre. Its name is generated by three 9m diameter circles that converge to create a large landscape. At the center of those three points is a hulking, wooden, superstructure that is 4.6m tall and 9m wide and designed as a continuous loop. This play pavilion, with the assistance of each land circle, creates a zone of occupation for individuals which reference different components of a theatre.

The first zone is the Stage, where solar powered lights are fixed to the underside of the structure to be used both during the day and at night. There is additional modular seating that is generated by the arc of the ground circle. The second zone is the Seating, where 5 circular silhouettes are suspend from the superstructure for both youth and adults. These swings facilitate fun for all age groups. The third and final zone is the Curtain, composed of thin, brightly colored threads intended for people to run through.

-Intersect- is placed on Daniel Trevijano Gran Via, at the actual crossing of major sidewalks to reinforce the idea of the city as a theatre to be celebrated. This proposal welcomes users of all ages because the city is a show for everyone to view.

Client: Concentrico Festival
Collaborators: MAS Context
Fabricatos: Concentrico  Festrival
Photography: Josema Cutillas, Javier Anton
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Installation, Furniture

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