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Completed 2022
Rock & Roll is a celebration of Miami, intended to honor and inspire the amazing people who shape our city’s culture and spirit.

This proposal operates at three unique scales: the smallest engages the neighborhood trees as miniature steel drums create music dispersed throughout the area—they’re both functional and elegant.

Increasing in scale, the Rockers are whimsical objects scattered along Paseo Ponti. Each Rocker is approximately 7 feet tall and interactive. The Furry Rocker is composed of resilient, brightly colored foam that allows visitors to push, pull and hug. This Rocker is inspired by the large and beautiful feathered hair-dresses common in Carnival processions. This Rocker is inspired by the many floats that participants ride in the Carnival parade. 

The largest, most prominent—and unabashedly joyful piece is an unfolded Disco Ball. Inspired by the ever present Music Truck, this installation—titled The Roll in Rock & Roll—is a large sculpture that illuminates at night and plays music.

Client: Miami Design District
Collaborators: ANAVA, Malloy James, Gabriel Soomar
Fabrication: ALTBLD LLC
Photography: Kris Tamburello
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Installation, Furniture

All projects are owned by Studio Barnes LLC