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Sacred Stoops
Completed 2018
Sacred Stoops Typological Studies of Black Congregational Spaces, is an investigation of the porch and its role in the African-American community. The Porch is one of the most recognizable symbols in the history of the traditional American home.

Operating as interstitial space, simultaneously public and private, the stoop has molded the perception of numerous black communities. Depending on vernacular and location, the porch manifests itself in many different ways. It is also an overt reminder of how racism and the built environment continue to shape this country. The porch is an important space for observation of collective identity and entry point to the home as well as issues of race, segregation, and spatial politics.

Utilizing the Constructivist design exercise of the nine-square grid, Sacred Stoops will create interior porches with a defined kit of parts. Architecture has always excelled at using the built environment to convey narratives. Unfortunately, that opportunity has rarely materialized in African-American communities. This design proposal aims to provide access to narratives undiscovered and often neglected.

The Brickell City Center pop up event allowed visitors to learn details about the black experience in the built environment. The opening event of the pop up featured a panel discussion amongst the artists and the organizers which also allowed me the opportunity to give information in addition to the installation.

Client: RAW Pop-Up Lab
Photography: RAW Pop-Up Lab
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