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Project Title: Succulent:  Recipes for Architectural Consumption
Client: Dawntown Org
Collaborators: Germane Barnes, Joachim Perez

Succulent: Recipes for Architectural Consumption is an exhibition of architecture as food following a traditional five course meal. The Succulent Table is a facilitator of conversation, cultural legacies and experiences. Measuring 8’ x 14’ x 42” strategic shapes were booleaned to create new moments of interrogation and congregation. Legs of the table are unioned remnants of the table top design.

This project is an exploration of the process through which we digest the built environment. Contemporary architecture is experiencing a pedagogical shift not limited to representation, speculation and professionalism. The means through which we consume this information continues to change, presenting itself as a malleable organism to be observed. Instagram provides instantaneous exposure to whimsical spatial representation. Socially engaged practice has leaped to the forefront of the profession. Digital technologies provide new means of construction and habitation of unlikely frontiers.

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