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Uneasy Lies the Head tha Wears a Crown
Completed 2020
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown is a referendum on Black hair and Black architecture.  One of the most important features of the porch, are the porch chairs. Often innocuous this project aims to highlight the chair as a critical element. Fabricated from metal, wood, and rope, the materials of the chair mimic the materials used to construct South Florida Shotgun vernacular of wood framed construction with sheet metal roofing. The slanted metal frame is similar to the slanted gable roof one would find atop the cottage. The milled wooden back post works as interior framing and is derived from combs used to style Black hair. Black hair that is often policed and frowned upon instead of celebrated as it should. The crowns of the back support are inspired by the crowns donned by Black people across the diaspora. From Sunday Service hats to Bahamian Junkanoo Band cosplay to the legendary afro-pick, each chair promotes black identity. The seating apparatus design references braiding techniques often found in the Black community. Multi-colored rope is braided and weaved in different patterns that amplify the creativity that is found in Black hairstyles.

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